Commercial Mosquito Pest Control Tips

pest controlPest control is crucial because humidity and heat help make the best environment for mosquitoes. With spring already here and summer just around the corner, mosquito season will arrive well before you know it.

Mosquitoes are annoying little critters and when they bite you, you may suffer serious health problems. Every company want to make sure that their clients are in a safe place and that’s why a no spray mosquito pest control Myrtle Beach solution is a good idea.

Pest Control Tips For Mosquito Problems

One popular commercial pest control Myrtle Beach solution that doesn’t involve using sprays is the In2Care mosquito trap. It is the best way to stop and get rid of mosquitoes throughout your entire commercial property. This trap is very unique. Unlike other solutions, it attracts mosquitoes using a special green treatment that is contained inside the trap. When the mosquito enters the trap, the treatment will attach to the leg of the mosquito, which will help spread the solution to other breeding sites such as flower saucers or standing water. When the treatment spreads, it will help get rid of adult mosquitoes and prevent the larva from growing further.

This trap is ideal for business who are searching for an eco-friendly solution for mosquito control. Rather than spraying pest control solutions around your property, the trap can be placed in a vegetated, shaded spot where mosquitoes are most likely to live and breed. The eco-friendly treatment can be used to get rid of mosquitoes but won’t affect beneficial pests and continues to be pet and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of In2Care for business includes having a discreet and no way system, getting rid of all mosquitoes in various life states, from the larva stage to the adult stage. It can be strategically placed surrounding the business so that the trap is always working.

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