Protect Christmas Decorations and Pest Control Tips

pest controlYou can protect your holiday decorations by ensuring they are pest-free while stored in the attic, basement, or any other storage area until next year. Christmas decorations can be a breeding ground for rodents and other pests. We have compiled some pest control tips for storing your decorations without having problems with pesky critters next year.

Pest Control Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

If you need to save them, seal them in plastic containers. It’s the best pest control in Myrtle Beach that you need to remember.

1) Mice love dried fruits, seeds, and other natural materials. It is best to keep them in plastic containers. After the holidays, throw out any natural decorations such as candy canes, gingerbread houses, and natural wreaths.

2) Avoid cardboard as a nesting material. Instead, store artificial Christmas trees and other decorations in plastic bags or containers. This applies to all Christmas decorations.

3) Check all decorations to make sure they aren’t broken or won’t be used next year, and then throw them out.

4) To prevent moisture, wash linens and other fabrics.

5) Before you load containers into your garage, basement, attic, or other storage space, inspect them thoroughly and remove any debris that could harbor mice.

6) Keep holiday candles separate. Unwanted guests can be attracted to candles’ scent. This problem can be solved by placing the candles in an area that isn’t exposed to heat extremes (e.g. attics or sheds). To prevent the candles from melting or changing color, wrap them in plastic.

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