The Best Termite Treatment Protects Your Home

termite treatmentThe damage that termites cause throughout the country cost billions of dollars. Their main target is wood however, they also wreak havoc to different things inside your home. These includes papers and books, filtering and insulation systems, trees and plants, to name a few. If your home is infested with it, your property needs to get termite treatment if you wish to safeguard your investment, which is your home.

Treating a house that’s been infested with termites is best done with the assistance of a professional. It’s because it needs skills that are not commonly available to an average householder.

For example, having a basic understanding of building construction is important to determine possible areas of infestation. Generally, some of these spots cannot be reached without specialized knowledge.

Extensive treatment also requires specialized tools like tanks, drills, pumps, and many more. Termite treatment Myrtle Beach also needs a lot of pesticides, experience, and knowledge is needed for safe handling of these solutions. However, it is highly recommended for you to hire the services of a professional to help you get rid of termites form your home.

Types of Termite Treatment

There are two types of termite treatment. This include the use of liquid termiticides or pesticides and the use of baits.

1.Liquid Termites

Liquid termiticides are injected in the ground along and underneath the house. With the use of special rods, liquid can be transferred to the soil surrounding the foundations, within the foundations, and underneath the foundations.

There are two forms of termiticides, repellents and non repellents. They both aim to make a chemical wall between the building and the soil so that termites in the soil con’t reach the building and the termites in the building won’t reach the soil.

If the termites in the building can’t reach the soil, then they will eventually die. Repellants can do this by warding off the pests from the treated soil rather than killing the pests directly. Non repellants will destroy the termites that have treated the soil.

2. Baits

Baiting is another type of pest control for termites. In this method, baits are placed under the ground to attract the termites. Baits are commonly made of plastic cylinders that are filled with various substances and paper.

They also have chemicals that will slowly kill the termites that consume the bait. It’s crucial that these substances to act slowly because the termites that have eaten the bait will share the food with other termites on the nest. That way, the damage will go beyond the actual termites that reached the bait.

So what is the best termite treatment? There is no simple answer to this question. Non repellent liquid termiticides are famous for their immediate impact, repellents have had a good reputation for its efficiency in getting rid of pests. Baits are also very good. They ensure a gradual decrease in the population of termites.

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