Top 7 Tips For Spring Pest Control

pest controlSpring is right around the corner! Many associate this time of the year with warm weather, short sleeves, flowers in bloom, and warm weather. It also means the return of pests. Once dormant creatures become hungry and homeless during the season shift. It may be easier for pests than usual to infiltrate after a long, harsh winter. It’s the best time to prevent any unwanted guests from entering your home as you start spring cleaning. These are seven top pest control tips to stop spring pest problems.

Pest Control Tips

7. Know Your Enemy

If you don’t know what your options are, pest control Myrtle Beach can be difficult. Some pests can be found all year round, but some are more active in spring. This is when some pests begin their mating season. Termites start to swarm and rats begin their mating seasons. After the winter freeze, there is plenty of water available for mosquitoes to thrive.

Other pests become more active as the weather warms. As ants search for food, spiders appear. Temperature increases can lead to increased travel and spread of hitch-hiking insects like bed bugs and ticks. It’s much easier to identify the problem and then fortify against it.

6. Check Your Exterior

Winter weather can be harsh. The change in temperature and severe winter storms could cause major damage to your home’s exterior. Pests can find a cozy place to nest in any of the new weaknesses on your property. You can allow pests to enter your home through cracks or chipped window panes. Sneaky intruders can also enter your home through roof damage and loose siding. Perform yearly wear and tear maintenance to keep pests away.

5. Take a look at your interior

The next step after inspecting the exterior of your property is to check the interior. Spring cleaning goes beyond washing your curtains. Spring cleaning is a great time to inspect any holiday decorations for any hidden items. Basements and attics are prime locations, along with any areas where utilities are kept. Damp basements can attract spiders and silverfish, while attics are great places for rodent nesting. You must be thorough and ensure that no pests have entered your home.

4. Take care of your yard

It’s time for you to inspect your yard as the snow melts, and temperatures rise. Fall and winter can leave behind potential pest hazards like dead leaves, snowmelt, and mud. Any moist wood or thick overgrowth could be home to potential spring pests. In addition, stagnant water or standing water in puddles and in clogged gutters could be ideal for mosquito breeding. To avoid potential pest problems, you should start taking care of your property immediately.

3. Monitor Food & Waste

Pests will be looking for shelter, food, water and food after the winter freeze. You can keep them out of your house and property by being careful about how you store potential food sources. All food and trash containers should be kept in sealed airtight containers. Make sure to clean up any spillages quickly and seal your trash can or outdoor garbage container.

2. Control Moisture

Spring often brings with it a lot more moisture, including rain, snow, runoff and overflow. Water is a magnet for pests because they seek water or thrive in damp environments.

Leaky pipes can block gutters and make it difficult for wildlife to access the water. It doesn’t matter how often it rains or snows, you need to make sure your gutters are clear and your plumbing is maintained.

1. Keep it Clean

It’s why they call it spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of any dirt or clutter that has accumulated over winter. Pest problems can be caused by clutter and buildup. Pests love to find places to hide in extra junk, and messy homes can be a breeding ground for many types of insects and rodents. Keep your home tidy to prevent pests from entering or to give them reason to leave,

Reaching out to a Pest Control Professional

The perfect time to fortify your home against pest invasions is spring. These easy tips will help you keep your home pest-free. You can make home improvements and keep your yard tidy with a new season.

These pest control tips are a great way of keeping unwanted guests away from your home. However, even the most diligent homeowner can still be affected by a pest problem. For a thorough pest inspection, call a professional pest control company if you suspect that you have an infestation.

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