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mosquito serviceYou don’t want to return home from a long day at work to find a cockroach in your kitchen. All you can do now is wonder where it is. You can’t let him go until he’s dead. Your home is your sanctuary. You should feel at ease, safe, and comfortable in it. Zap Pest provides monthly and quarterly residential pest control services to ensure your home is protected in all seasons.

Pest Control Monthly and Quarterly

You can rest easy knowing that your home is clean and pest-free. Zap Pest is committed to keeping your home pest-free and will provide excellent customer service.

Are Pests Carrying Disease?

Pests can bring diseases to your home when they enter it. These diseases include yellow fever, Lyme disease, and malaria. These allergens can also cause irritation to people with sensitive medical conditions. The air we breathe can be contaminated by pest droppings and skin shedding. Residential pest control is essential because our homes are our sanctuary and our families deserve the best.

Pest Invasion in Homes is a Seasonal Effect

Pests are still looking for shelter and food, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees or 20 degrees outside. Every season has a different pest at different stages in their life cycle. You will be able to make the right preparations for your home once you have identified which pests are entering your home at each stage of their life cycle.


Winter is the best time to hibernate and for pest survival. Pests need shelter in colder weather. Your home’s eaves will provide shelter for stinging insects. Pests that overwinter, such as rodents and cockroaches, will seek shelter in homes or logs. To prevent winter pests, schedule a fall residential pest control appointment.


Warm weather brings warmth and pests are more active in spring. Spring rains will force ants to leave their nests in search of higher ground. This season will see termites begin to swarm. Pests will seek out mates outdoors, and most of them will move outside.


Summer brings many pests to outdoor activities. While we have fewer pests indoors, there is an increase in pests outside. Because of the increased moisture in the previous seasons, the lovely mosquitoes become more active during the summer months. Summer is also a great time for wasps and other stinging insect. They usually nest near or on the property of homes.


The season of fall is an important time for pests to get ready for winter. Fall is a time when we see many ladybugs, spiders, and other insects. These pests seek shelter to survive the winter months and are often found in our homes.


Zap Pest Control serves the residents and commercial property owners of Myrtle Beach. Whether you need a termite inspection or a pest control service for bed bugs, rodents, or cockroaches, our team is always ready to help.


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